How much home can I afford in Columbus?

Buying a home is an important financial milestone that should be planned carefully!. There are many considerations that can impact this decision such as family size, career-earning potential and location. Making up your mind to purchase a home is one thing, but budgeting for this major life move is another matter altogether.

Establish Your Maximum Budget For A Home

For potential buyers in the Columbus area, the Columbus Mortgage Company offers this free calculator to help establish your maximum budget for a home. This calculator estimates the most expensive home you could purchase based on the highest monthly payment you can afford.

*Please note that this tool does not indicate whether you would qualify for the loan amount it estimates.

Take The Next Step

Once you have decided to buy a home, how do you determine which properties are within your budget? Factors such as your annual earnings, debt-to-income ratio and monthly expenditures must all be accounted for. Many conditions that are outside of your control such as interest rates and median home prices will also come into play.